Daily log

Wellington – Part 1

Wellington is an absolutely beautiful city, despite the wind, that is the perfect city I wanted to live in, lots of space, nice people, ten minutes drive to Petone beach(from where I was living, i.e. Lower Hutt)

Petone Sunset

Walking distance to shopping mall, Chinese restaurants(Good ones, i.e. first choice in Petone).

Walking distance to public transport, 15 mins to Naenae train station, 3 mins to bus stops.

Naenae station

Half an hour drive to the best museum Te Papa

Te Papa

With a bit more driving. Wellington Zoo, I think it is the best zoo in New Zealand


And the food in Wellington is awesome, Roti Chennai

Roti Chenai

Some lunch time fun in timezone too..


I loved the street fighters 3 thrid strike game, I came in third in one of the tornament. LOL, because stupidlikeafox was not in it. He taught me how to play the game.

To be continued.