Daily log

Officially Useless

After about two months without any sports, by any sports I mean the most intensive sports I do is walking. After the recent change of my life, I have to drive to work, that means, I am not even walking much. The main reason I stopped aplying badminton is that I somehow hurt my spin during the last game I played. With that spin injury I almost lost the ability to manage my daily life, I can’t even bent down to put on socks and shoes.

After more than two months of recovery, I went to a game last night, it was no where as intense as the games before the injury and the length was halved. I did not play a intense game on purpose, because I do not risk my spin. The thing that shocked me the most during the game was my leg was so weak, my right leg was literally shaking, the muscles on my thigh were very sore after two games.

Here’s how to stop it, I am going to do some cardio to keep other parts of my body active so this kind of thing will no happen again. Off the top of my head, cycling is the most suitable sports. I will start on that in about two weeks. To be precise I will start it on the 11th of September. Just a thought on that, I will follow this up in future posts.