Daily log

Spaces on My Macbook

Space gives more desktop space to computer users, well Mac OS and Linux users, and people can control many functions of Spaces, such as assign a application to a certain Space, so every time that application opens up, it opens up in that Space, all assign to all Spaces, so whichever Space you are on, you can see that application.

Last weeks I kinda cleaned up my Macbook, I currently using three spaces in vertical, here’s my application list on each Space

  • Space 1: VLC, Tweetie, Postbox
  • Space 2: Xcode, Textmate, Vim
  • Space 3: Word, PowerPoint, myTexts, Photoshop

Explanation, I use my first space to do entertainments, web browsing and other general uses. Space two for programming, so no instant messengers, twitter clients or emails. Lastly Space three is for other kind of works, writing, make slides and some image processing, which I do not usually do.