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Two Years Later Episode 1

Haven’t really update anything on this blog, wechat moments has been the primary place I have been post my personal life. The biggest personal hobby has been badminton for me, I think it will be for the rest of my life, but I started building models during the two years. This post will be about the model I built.

First, two one piece pirate ships.

Going Merry

Thousand Sunny

Next RG gundams


Freedom strike gundam

HG gundam


MG gundams

Char’s Zaku II

Infinity Justice



And the one I am working on at the moment

Sazabi Ver. Ka

Officially Useless

After about two months without any sports, by any sports I mean the most intensive sports I do is walking. After the recent change of my life, I have to drive to work, that means, I am not even walking much. The main reason I stopped aplying badminton is that I somehow hurt my spin during the last game I played. With that spin injury I almost lost the ability to manage my daily life, I can’t even bent down to put on socks and shoes.

After more than two months of recovery, I went to a game last night, it was no where as intense as the games before the injury and the length was halved. I did not play a intense game on purpose, because I do not risk my spin. The thing that shocked me the most during the game was my leg was so weak, my right leg was literally shaking, the muscles on my thigh were very sore after two games.

Here’s how to stop it, I am going to do some cardio to keep other parts of my body active so this kind of thing will no happen again. Off the top of my head, cycling is the most suitable sports. I will start on that in about two weeks. To be precise I will start it on the 11th of September. Just a thought on that, I will follow this up in future posts.

31st Birthday

As of today, I am offcially 31 years old, my second child was born 5 days ago, which adds another layer of complication to my life. Just when I am very comfortable around my first daughter(don’t judge me), the second poped out. This is life, the new born child is keeping me up all night, well not all night, but I have to get up 2-3 times during the sleep to feed her. I am pretty excited at the same time.

As a silly tradition, I am uploading a photo of myself here..

Hello Github Pages

I have been think about moving my blog to somewhere else other than the self-hosted Wordpress site, it’s a great blogging platform and site building tool, but it’s been causing problems on my server, including me not know that the theme i used as a backdoor in it.

This is hosted on Github, best service, and it’s Free!


I will blog more about tech stuff or my favourite sports here. Badminton

Evolution of My Badminton Racquets

I have been playing badminton for over 5 years now. It is the second fastest growing sports in New Zealand. At this stage, it is my favourite sport. It requires fast movements, and lots of stamina to get you through a game. It is a very good sport, scientists say it is the fastest sports on the planet. Some of you will say it’s total BS, tennis and of course Formula one is a lot faster than badminton. That’s a no no. The highest speed of the shuttle cock traveling in now almost 500 Km/h, 493 Km/h to be precise. I don’t think even Michael Schumacher and do that in his Ferrari.

The record has been made by the Malaysia doubles player Tan boon heong, using the brand new Yonex Nanoray Z-Speed, he is also the previous record holder, but this time he managed to improve the speed by a large margin (Previously 421Km/h). I’d say it’s the advance technology used in the the new racquets.

Now we know the importance of badminton racquets. Here’s a list of badminton racquets I have been used before:

  1. Yonex armortec 70, the image below is a brand new armortec 70, but my one was a lease from a friends, and the shape of the racquet is slightly twisted, making it harder to use. This is known as a very heavy racquet with the twisted shape, it really trained the strength of my forearm. At the end, I returned it to my friend.
    Armortec 70
    Armortec 70
  2. Apacs Nano900 power, this is a gift from another friend, comparing to the first one, it is a much lighter racquet, and also the grip on the handle is wrapped really high, to make the head feel lighter, this image below is really my racquet after 4 years, it clashed with a double partner, both of them went into the bin. With the light weight I have learned a lot of control of the shuttle.
    Apacs nano900 power
    Apacs nano900 power
  3. Yonex Muslepower 88, this is also a gift, from my dad, who is also a badminton player, don’t be fooled by the name, this racquet is not fast nor heavy at all, this is a balanced racquet with a lower stiffness. It is so easy to use when I am doing a clear or a medium-strength smash, but in terms of shuttle controlling, this racquet performs poorly. And this racquets is turned to my dad, in order to get my fourth one.
    Yonex Musclepower 88
    Yonex Musclepower 88
  4. Yonex nanospeed 9900, this is only racquet I use at the moment, it is my first top-class racquet, and its performance is top-class too, in my opinion this is the best head light racquet there is. Fast movements, powerful smashes, excellent control of the shuttle. It is by far my favourite one. Sadly Yonex will stop manufacturing this racquet soon. I’m gonna hold on to this forever I think.
    Yonex nanospeed 9900
    Yonex nanospeed 9900
  5. Yonex nanospeed 9900 2011 London world championship version, this is a limited version for the Nanospeed 9900, everything is the same, but the colour. It’s also from a friend.
    Yonex Nanospeed 9900 World Championship London 2011
    Yonex Nanospeed 9900 World Championship London 2011




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