Daily log

Blogging Platforms

I have been looking for the blogging platform for myself, which means, the one suit me the best. It doesn’t have to have the most themes, or have the most features. The thing is about blog is to put anything that the author wanted onto the internet.

BloggerWith that thought in mind, I started looking: First, one of the best platforms out there, it bothers me with sidebar, and the atom feed, I am a internet-HTML-PHP professional, I do web stuff everyday for a living, and I still don’t understand what that is. The layout/structure of the sidebar is a mess, different components are not aligned with each other. Someone might raise the point of “they are not suppose to be aligned.”, again i like my blog to be tidy and nicely aligned.

LiveJournalSecondly, It is one of the most long lived blogging platform. And it is cool, lots of geeks use it, including the famous Mark Zuckerberg, well he used to use it, I think he publish everything on his Facebook page now. LOLS. Ya, back to it, the number themes are very limited with livejournal, and mostly colour changes to one layout. And one more downside of LJ is you can not point your own domain name to it, so you stuck with this forever. Not that I mind, but is a really long domain name.

WordpressThirdly, It is the platform I am most familiar with. I worked on it everyday for more than two years. I used to have a WordPress blog, it’s easy to use and powerful, but with the version, it is not as customizable as the self-hosted, open source version. One other thing, it charges the customers for almost for all cool features, custom domain names, ads free or edit css of the theme.

At last, I came back to tumblr where I post most of my everyday photos. It’s so easy to use and you can custom any thing you like on the front end. You can create your own theme or just change something on someone else’s theme. The only thing bothers me with tumblr is. The blog can not be seen on the other side of the great wall(internet) of China, I am Chinese, I have lots of friends live in China, I wish I can share my wisdom :-), or happiness with them as well. What? You say it’s the government’s fault? Again, I do not care, I just want my posts are available to my friends who cares enough to read them.